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What exactly is a Mattress Warehouse?

There are two types of Mattress Stores.

The first type is the Chain Type of store with a Very nice small showroom, you walk in and what you see on the floor is what you get. Normally there are no Clearance Mattresses or special Deals. Often on the popular Mattress Brands, Manufacturers have what is called MAP (Manufacturers Advertised Pricing) this means the Mattresses cannot be sold for less than a certain price. This makes finding a deal pretty Difficult.

The second type is a Mattress Warehouse.  A mattress warehouse normally has a showroom just like the chain stores, but it also has a large warehouse with often 1000s of mattresses to choose from. Mighty Mattress is a warehouse mattress store. We have 1000s of Mattresses in stock at prices sometimes 75% less than what you would pay at a chain store. Here is how we do it.

  • As-IS mattresses. When a mattress vendor such as Tempurpedic delivers a new load of Mattresses to one of the large chain stores, the Store Manager reviews the shipment very closely. If there are any signs of damage, including damage to the carton the store manager rejects the Mattress. Damage may include a hole in the Carton, a tear in the Plastic that covers the Mattress; it also may include Damage to the actual Tempurpedic Mattress. Many of these mattreses travel great distances from factory to Warehouse finally to the store. A lot can happen to a Mattress when it is being transported. Once a company like Tempurpedic or Stearns and Foster receives back Mattresses that have been refused, they cannot just trash them, they are in perfect condition other than a small defect. That is where Mighty Mattresses Warehouse comes into play. We have a special arrangement with Most Mattress brands Including

(SealySertaSymbolTempurpediciComfortStearns & foster, King Koil, Kingsdown,Sleep Solutions, Comforpedic) to Auto accept all of their A Grade Quality as-is mattresses. They ship them to us monthly by the truck load! The great thing for you the consumer is that once a Mattress is determined to be less than perfect, there is no longer a minimum Price on it. This means great deals for you.

    • Discontinued Mattresses. Every 6 months to one year Mattress Brands come out with a new Line up of Mattress Models. Once they do this they have to clearance and sell off their existing line. Mighty Mattress also has an agreement to take truck loads monthly of Clearance Discontinued mattresses from Most of the Major Brands. These are in brand new perfect condition; however you can buy these at %50-%75 off of the original retail price. We have Discontinued, Stearns and Foster, Tempurpedic, Sealy, Serta, Simmons, SS, Symbol and more!

    • Bulk Purchasing. Because of our over 5000 SQ ft. Mattress Warehouse we can purchase large quantities of Clearance Mattresses at the same time. If a Mattress Vendor is looking to clear out some inventory they contact us first!

    • Ecommerce & Online Sales. We have a huge amount of inventory at all times; we have thousands of mattresses in our Mattress Warehouse in Stuart, FL. This allows us to serve customers nationwide and not just in the State of Florida. We receive hundreds of inquiries requesting Clearance Mattresses across the country. And because of our great relationship with Fed Ex and other Freight Carriers we happily oblige.

Now that you know what the difference between a chain Mattress store and a Warehouse Mattress store is we hope you contact us for your next Mattress Purchase. If you are based in South Florida here is a List of Cities we service with our own Delivery Trucks. We may not have listed your city but we deliver to all of The treasure Coast and South Florida! Call us to find out more! (772)288-1964