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Mighty Mattress carries a broad range of Name Brand Mattresses. We also carry a variety of Conditions with varying Warranties.
Because of our close relationship with companies such as Sealy, Serta, Tempurpedic and others, we often receive mattresses that are labeled “As-Is”

What is an As-Is Mattress?
As-Is Mattresses are High Quality manufacturer direct mattresses, most of the time these are Overstock Mattresses, close outs, freight damaged (Carton or Mattress), mismatches, discontinued, we also receive Mattresses that have slight Blemishes such as stitching flaws, or small tears that occurred in transport.

What does this mean to you?
Manufacturers are desperate to get rid of these As-Is mattresses, and for this reason they offer them to select retailers like Mighty Mattress at liquidation prices. Normally these prices are 75% or more off of standard pricing. We receive these mattresses by the Semi-Truckload! If we do not sell them to you quickly, we run out of warehouse room! So to simplify – We buy the Name Brand Mattresses at %75 off. We sell them to you at %75 off OR MORE under special circumstances.

Mighty Mattress offers more than “As-Is”
While most of our customers have come to expect the unbelievable prices that As-Is Mattresses offer, we have a great selection of Brand New mattresses as well. We are never greedy though, and we don’t support the standard pricing model that our chain Mattress Store competitors use. When we price our Brand New mattresses, we consider 2 things.

  • What is the best possible price we can offer the mattress at?
  • Will this pricing please our loyal customers, who have come to know us as the Place to buy Brand Name mattresses at ridiculously low prices?

Brand new Mattresses carry the standard manufacturer’s warranty. Depending on the Manufacturer this may be anywhere from 90 Days to 20 Years. Feel free to ask one of our customer service agents more details.

As-Is Mattresses do not carry any additional Warranty. The reason for this is, once the Manufacturer takes a loss on liquidating the Mattress, they no longer have anything in their budget to cover a warranty. The reason these are labeled As-Is Mattresses is for this very reason. What you see is what you get! We receive new shipments frequently, and the BEST mattresses go quickly. We recommend you come by one of our locations or call us ASAP to inquire on our newest shipment of Crazy As-Is deals!